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We are a group of locals and social entrepreneurs

We are a group of locals and social entrepreneurs who believe in the power of collective effort to reach everyone’s maximum potential. We introduce global mindset to our local partners so that we can always keep up with the global trends. We implement positive changes for the people and the environment, and combine them with local wisdom to create unique, high-quality products that are acceptable anywhere around the world

Registered as PT Alam Indonesia Raharja in Indonesia, we always improve our farming and production processes by developing relevant technologies and social programs into our operations.


Become the world's most reliable source of indonesia natural ingredients.


To provide global parfumery, F&B, and pharmaceutical companies with directly sourced natural ingredients from indonesia smallholders


Reliability, Sustainability, Fairness, Transparency

How does it work?

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Farmers Empowerment with Agrotechnology Enablement

We are providing support to our local farmers to upgrade their standard to a global level. The supports provided vary from fund provision, accompaniment, training, to many more.

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Funding Platform

As capital is one of the biggest farming challenge, we aim to tackle it by providing a safe and assuring platform. It is hoped for farmers to easily access the funding for their productive farming. Currently, we run the platform in external environment of peer-to-peer mechanism.

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In global market, fair-trade and traceability are necessary standards for trading agricultural products. We are building a fair and transparent marketplace for farmers and buyers to meet and do the transaction themselves.

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At petani global, we embrace diversity and uniqueness. We focus on expertises and attitudes as the main currencies for our human resources. We are partnering with smallholders to ensure our impacts to be distributed among them. “Capacity development is necessary, welfare improvement is a must.


Our Team

Get to know our amazing people


Amarullah Adhi Saputra, B.Eng (Hons)


Adhi is the CEO and co-founder of Petani Global (a member of PT Alam Indonesia Raharja / PT AIR). He graduated from Newcastle University in the UK with extensive global network of professionals. He is passionate about creating impactful changes with businesses in the agriculture sector. He was a former Chief Commissioner of PT Agro Jabar (a province-owned agriculture enterprise).

He decided to build his own social business while keeping his tight relations with the government. The combination of local communities backed by governmental power is hoped to boost the communities’ welfare.


Yahya Imanuddin, B.Sc., M.Sc.


Yahya is the COO and co-founder of Petani Global (a member of PT Alam Indonesia Raharja / PT AIR). He achieved his Bachelor’s degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung and his Master’s degree from the University of Southampton. He is passionate about Transport, Logistics, and International Trade. Previously, he worked for a third-party logistics (3PL) and a quick-commerce company, in Indonesia and the UK respectively.

Through his experiences, he has seen many challenges in product inventory as well as distribution and worked on their solution. Now, he decides to join Petani Global to support the complexity of a social enterprise’s operation in agriculture sector.


Muhammad Iqbal Ramadhan, B.Sc.


Iqbal is the CFO and co-founder of Petani Global (a member of PT Alam Indonesia Raharja / PT AIR). He graduated from University of Queensland and University of Indonesia from a double-degree program. Having experience working at Big 4 accounting firm, he is currently pursuing his Master’s degree from the University of Manchester, UK. He believes in financial equality that he and his former classmates develop a peer-to-peer lending platform for SMEs.

Seeing that lots of his borrowers came from farming communities, he decided to join Petani Global and support their financial matters directly through an empowering company.


Martsiano Dirgantara, B.Sc.


Martsiano, who goes with the nickname of Ano, is the Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Petani Global (a member of PT Alam Indonesia Raharja / PT AIR). In nature, he is, at the same time, a researcher and a talented practitioner in the field of natural chemistry and essential oils. He achieved his Bachelor’s degree from Universitas Islam Indonesia in the same field. He is so passionate about essential oils that he developed the first Indonesian essential oils price information provider (link in the ‘connect with him’ section).

Throughout his glorious experiences, he has proven his capabilities in the production and distribution of essential oil products and their derivatives.